Hello and welcome to FreshMed Gourmet! I am Chef Omri, the founder of this delectable food company. I moved to Canada a little over two years ago with the ambition to follow my dreams and passion; my love for food. When I arrived in the Great North, I realised that this was an opportunity to do something different, to build something I love. With food being my deepest passion, the path I needed to choose was obvious, but I still didn’t have a niche, something special that I could contribute to Canada’s vast culinary landscape.

With that idea, I began to try out the various cuisines available, and trust me there’s a lot of those in Canada! It was during one of these culinary journies in the country that I discovered I was lactose intolerant. I had to find an alternative to a dairy diet that was both delicious, healthy and plant-based, thus began my quest.

I experimented with vegetables and tahini to create some plant-based spreads, which I tested myself and later introduced my new creations to friends and started to make them for parties I attended or hosted from time to time. Well, needless to say, I had people eating out of my hands, asking where I got the spreads from or could I give them the recipe. This is when I realised, I could probably build a business out these little spreads, thus my entrepreneurial dreams were born.

I went on to experiment with more flavour combinations and soon developed five delicious flavours, which today are the stars of my brand FreshMed Gourmet spreads.

Today, I am the proud founder of a brand that I can say I have literally cooked up with love and care and the proudest moments I experience are when customers or clients have come up to me and said they feel that love in each little tub of the spreads that go out from my kitchen! So, come on in and try some of my delicious spreads which are sure to brighten up your meal!



5 Plant-Based Spreads

Available in Toronto & the GTA