Kale Salad with Tahini dressing (5 servings)

● 1 medium bunch of green Kale, cut into bite-size pieces (large stems removed)
● 1/4 red Cabbage cut into thin slices
● 1/2 cup of Tahini paste
● 4 tbsp Soy Sauce
● 4 tbsp Rice Vinegar
● 2 tbsp Sesame oil
● Toasted Black and White Sesame for decoration

● Mix the chopped Kale and Red Cabbage
● Pour the Tahini Paste, Soy sauce, Rice Vinegar and Sesame Oil on the Kale mixture.
● Mix well until the dressing is covering all the Kale leaves.
● Sprinkle some Toasted black and white Sesame seeds on top
Bon Appétit!

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