Our Five Spreads

FreshMed Gourmet offers five plant-based spreads that have been developed without the use of any colours, preservatives, artificial flavours or GMO ingredients. Each spread is a perfect balanced snack, appetizer or dip. Use it on your favorite bread, bruschetta or with vegetable crudités

Moroccan Tomatoes

Full of flavour reduced Tomatoes with a kick of Mediterranean herbs and spices. This is a spread based on unique fusion recipe based on North African and Indian heritage. Goes well with Pita bread on top of Bruschetta or as a side. This is indeed an incredible mix that releases the full flavour and aromas of spices that have ruled the world for millennia.


Green Pea and Tahini

A Spread packed with nutrients from combining fresh green peas and Tahini, easy to digest, light and healthy. This mix was created as the perfect alternative to similar shelf products. The natural flavors are unique to allow the ingredients to maintain their freshness; you can taste their rough, natural flavor and texture with your very first bite. This is a combination to remember.


Blue Nile Eggplant

A tangy spread with roasted Eggplants and reduced tomatoes, based on an old Egyptian family recipe that was created to give you an original North African experience. This exquisite spread goes incredibly well with Pita bread or on top of Bruschetta. This is a Mediterranean dish that will dazzle your taste buds.


Beets and Tahini

A Spread Packed with nutrients based on beets and tahini. This spread is unique in its flavour and texture; easily digestible, created only out of natural ingredients, this product is perfectly designed for a healthy & balanced diet. The quality of this a dish is rendered through its unique taste and composition that will wow your senses.

Eggplant and Tahini Layers

Creamy Tahini sauce that covers layers of garlic roasted eggplants that have been broiled to perfection and sprinkled with zesty sumac. This is an original unique combination that is exclusive to FreshMed Gourmet. The balance of flavours is perfectly established and will sure to dazzle your senses from the very first bite.



5 Plant-Based Spreads

Available in Toronto & the GTA